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Community ~ Co-creation ~ Collaboration

Connections Concerts are unique experiences featuring music and conversation with Portland’s finest multi-cultural, multi-genre musicians. Join this revolution of connection and culture by purchasing single tickets or series subscriptions today!

Exploring connection through music


Western culture has relegated live music to formal concert halls and late-nights in frenetic, crowded venues. In settings like these, it’s easy to disregard the profound impact that can be had when music is used as conduit of connection and presence.

We are changing that paradigm.

Connections Concerts put community and care into the forefront of the live music experience.

Based on values of deep listening, respect, vulnerability, and inspiration, our concerts are designed to welcome audience members to an intentionally-curated space for music and conversation.

Connections Concerts are an answer to a plea for togetherness and unity. An opportunity for presence and pleasure, and an invitation for a societal shift toward love, respect, and inclusivity.

The magic lies in our commitment to creating:

A unique, connective concert experience featuring music and conversation.

A diverse lineup, with multi-genre musicians performing solo and collaborating in realms of classical, jazz, pop, folk, blues, and beyond.

A chance to open a dialogue about the WHY behind music, the WHY behind community, the WHY behind arts education — and how open, accepting listening can and will change the world.

Sophie Lippert, CEO 



Connections Concerts is bringing something truly extraordinary to Portland. Each show features 2-6 performers from diverse cultures and musical genres. Join the Northwest’s finest musicians for events filled with songs and stories, collaboration and conversation.


2019-2020 inaUgural season

JUNE 30, 2019: Paradigm. Featuring Sophie Lippert and Miguel Medina.

JULY 28, 2019: Percolation. Featuring Courtney Freed, Saffire Bouchelion, Max Ribner, Liz Kohl, Sophie Lippert. TICKETS

SEPTEMBER 15, 2019: Power. Featuring Amenta Abioto, Marina Albero, Sophie Lippert at The Old Church.

OCTOBER 19, 2019: Passion. Paula Byrne, Tim Gilson, Sophie Lippert at Classic Pianos.

DECEMBER 1, 2019: Pulse. Joe Kye, Niema Lightseed, Sophie Lippert at The Old Church.

JANUARY 2020: Purpose. Performers TBA.

APRIL 2020: Paradox. Performers TBA.

JUNE 2020: Peace(Out)! Performers TBA.

Click here to peel back the curtain & learn more about our incredible performers.

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Connections Concerts CredO:

We believe in harnessing music as a powerful conduit for connection and community.

We believe in capitalizing on creativity, collaboration, humor, and hope.

We believe in using an artistic platform for the good of all people.

We believe in embracing diversity and fighting inequality.

We believe that musicians and concert-goers have the power to co-create a better and more beautiful world.